Dublin, Ireland and its sister city of San Jose, California have come together to host the All Ireland-USA Sister City Mayors Summit 2016 across 21-24 April, 2016 in Dublin.

Called Independence & Interdependence, the four day event will involve all 62 USA cities that are twinned with cities/counties in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The event will focus on how to redefine and practically deepen co-operation in an ever changing and increasingly technology-shaped world.

The Summit will provide an opportunity to renew and change in practical terms the relations between the US and Ireland at local authority and citizen level. This will be done in a way that reflects on what has passed but more importantly identifies what way the future can be shaped.

It will be an All Ireland event that honours and respects the different traditions on the island. The Mayor of each US city twinned with an Irish community counterpart is asked to participate with a delegation of civic leaders.